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To Speed Up, You Must Slow Down

We live in a totally hectic world where we are chasing, running, searching on a whole number of dimensions in our very busy lives.

We run from one thing to the next as we focus on family challenges, business priorities, mini-crises, highs, lows….all cascading onwards.

The context for all of this is a highly responsive world that is impatient and needs answers from us – often hurried, urgent and pressured responses.

The world of others at work, our colleagues and team-mates, is much the same. They are full of the same kind of activity and busyness but they may carry it with more or less anxiety and stress than we do.

Some of this stress spills over from personal and family life and often spills over in the reverse direction from work into our personal lifes.

While we do benefit from all of the modern trappings of emails, texts, calls, iPads etc, they are also ever-present interruptions to us. They reduce our ability to stay on a plane of concentration and all the while requiring instant responses - or at least we have convinced ourselves that they require instant responses. Not everybody can adequately cope will all of this pressure without developing some anxieties and/or stress.

So, that is our workforce of today – a workforce coping with all of this busyness, which involves constant regeneration of thoughts so that we are, as it were, thinking machines, jumping hither and thither.

We need to build into ourselves and our responses to this world some form of resilience that will help us cope and respond in more appropriate ways - ways that allow us to jump off the merry-go-round for short periods so as to rest our minds from all this frenetic thinking. Such rest periods will re-energise and provide improved focus on the tasks in hand.

That really is what is all about. It aims to prompt us towards enahanced Wellbeing for ourselves and our colleagues. Every facet of what we put before you is aimed at making you a better and more resilient person, as well as making the organisation you work for a better organisation. This will be achieved by bringing a calmer level of thinking and consequently, greater focus and energy to the real priorities that are in front of us, thereby directly raising our productivity.

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