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National Workplace Wellbeing Day Is Here

National Workplace Wellbeing Day is finally upon us, Fri 8th April. It's really positive to see Wellbeing on the agenda as a definite route to engagement, resilience and productivity in the workplace.

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Employee Engagement is a Must for all Managers

All managers need to be encouraged through regular one-to-ones to searchingly look for the extent to which they can make the immediate work environment of their teams engaging.

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Eat Healthily for a Razor Sharp Mind at Work

The type, frequency and portion size of foods we eat, affect our hormone and brain chemical levels. In the workplace, especially during a demanding period, we need our minds to be razor-sharp and to effortlessly feel a flow of energy…

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The Benefits of Workplace Coaching

Most successful people when they look back over the years can identify individuals who had a significant impact on their lives and careers.

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National Workplace Wellbeing Day April 8th 2016

There is little over a month to National Workplace Wellbeing Day on April 8th. Are you ready to let your staff see that your organisation takes Wellbeing seriously? If not, we at can help you design some focused plans…

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To Speed Up, You Must Slow Down

We live in a totally hectic world where we are chasing, running, searching on a whole number of dimensions in our very busy lives.

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Good Nutrition Increases Your Energy !

The only proven scientific way of increasing longevity in humans is to remain as lean as possible through calorie restriction.

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​Mindfulness on the Run !

At its simplest, mindfulness really involves bringing our attention back from its wanderings to some fixed point.

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Fitter Individuals, Fitter Team !

Movement is medicine.

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