WellbeingForWork.ie offer professional Wellbeing services designed to improve the mental and physical health of your workers

Our team of fully trained Wellbeing Coaches are dedicated to providing you with an effective and efficient strategy tailored to suit your organisation and employees. We understand the importance of a positive workplace atmosphere, and aim to help you achieve a productive environment in which staff feel safe, confident and respective of one another. Our high-quality services cover all aspects of physical and mental Wellbeing, from Mindfulness to Nutrition and Financial Wellbeing. 

With unrivalled passion for Wellbeing, our services are second to none and can help your organisation operate with increased efficiency. More and more businesses are realising the importance of their staff's mental and physical Wellbeing, and how providing appropriate services to assist in their areas can benefit the organisation. The simple matter of fact is happy employees free from stress are able to fully concentrate at their task at hand, ensuring optimum productivity and a healthy workplace with Increased Employee Engagement and Greater Employee ROI. There are countless benefits for the individual, and our services can help increase mental and physical energy, combat stress and improve work relationships for all.

We use the existing strengths within your Management Team & Staff as our starting-point, building on the positive aspects of the organisation to develop a unique Wellbeing strategy designed specifically for you and your employees. With a range of professional Wellbeing services, and the very best Coaches in the country, WellbeingForWork.ie can help you improve your organisation from the inside out.

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Initiatives for your organisation.

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